Themed sketchbook: Smurf that Smurf!

Matt. Murray (the period is part of his name, apparently) writes about all things Smurf at his blog, appropriately titled Smurfology. This is more than a casual Smurf-fan thing—Murray is a former executive director of the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art, and in 2006 he curated an exhibit on Saturday morning cartoons. That experience got him back to his childhood love of the Smurfs, and he not only gave a lecture on Smurfology 101 at MoCCA, he wound up helping with the special features on the Smurfs DVDs and even appearing in a Smurf documentary.

Stop and savor those words: A Smurf documentary.

Anyway, Murray has been collecting Smurf sketches from a variety of artists, and he is posting them at his blog. The drawings seem to lean toward the dark side—there's an After Hours Smurfette, a Smurf pole dancer, a Smurf on 'roids, and even a Smurf getting stabbed in the eye (a reference to the incident at this year's SDCC), not to mention a drunken Gargamel drawn by Murray himself. This is one to bookmark, as he adds a new drawing every Saturday.

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