The X-Men Create the Perfect Weapon - Against Dirty Dishes?

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X-Men stories have always been deeply entrenched in sci-fi surroundings. Not only is the pseudo-scientific explanation behind mutant powers itself an element of sci-fi, but the X-Men from their start used technology from alien worlds to create holograms for training simulations, advanced computer programs and weapons and tools that far outpace modern day weaponry.

And now, they're turning all that advanced tech to finally fix the true plight that plagues both humanity and mutantkind alike: household chores.RELATED: Did X-Men's Lamest Mutant Secretly Create Marvel's Biggest Future Threat?

In X-Men #1, the issue relaxes into a family dinner at the Summer House. Located adjacent to the Blue Area of the Moon (known previously as home to Uatu the Watcher and the Inhumans), the Summer House is a further extension of the sentient island Krakoa on which the mutant nation now rests. Described as a key strategic point for the X-Men's cause, the Summer House enjoys an innovative layout and all the benefits that Krakoa's advancements bring. That even includes doing the dishes.

After dinner, Cyclops' father Corsair walks over and offers to help with the dishes by splitting the duties between washing and drying. Cyclops explains to him that that's not necessary as he wields an organic-looking squirt gun with a hose attached to its Krakoan surroundings. Cyclops details how Krakoa produces an ooze that clears away all the bacteria and residual food from the dinner plates to alleviate the task of washing and drying each dish.

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Think that's disgusting? Corsair thought so too, but Cyclops went on to explain that it's actually a compromise. Krakoa originally wanted to grow its own plates and cutlery as well, ones which were edible and "improved" somehow on evidently "abnormal biological functions." Instead, the goo Krakoa produces to clean inedible plates was the middle ground found with the sentient island.

Although it may seem like a silly detail to dwell on, the Krakoan goo is actually a genius piece of world building for the new frontiers the X-Men are broaching. In setting out to create their own society and culture, mutantkind has created its own language, it's own home, and even its own government. It's only natural that such radical changes would leak down into affecting the smaller details, such as how chores are performed. This scene, while incorporating a nice touch of home life in the otherwise grand series, helps flesh out the variety of ways that mutants are differentiating themselves from their human predecessors.

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