'The X-Files' Finale Leaves Fans Asking, 'Was That Really the End?'

After five weeks of build-up, the season 10 revival of "The X-Files" came to a conclusion tonight. Many fans and critics speculated that the mini-revival would lead into a full series order, possibly for an eleventh season, but so far Fox has been quiet on the subject.

Tonight's episode, "My Struggle II," picked up where "My Struggle" started: with the threat of an alien virus, questions about Scully's DNA, and the return of the Smoking Man. While the world fell prey to an incurable virus, Agents Einstein and Scully worked to find a cure.

The episode also continued to ask the question, "Where is William?" Mulder and Scully's son never made an appearance this season, despite wide speculation that this season would draw that mystery to a close.

The final moments of the episode reunited Mulder and Scully, as Scully attempted to cure him. Moments later they were eclipsed by a UFO and the episode was over, leaving audiences asking, "Wait, was that it? No conclusion? No resolution? No William?"

Either Fox is going to announce a new series very soon, or that was the shortest and most hyped television revival in history.

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