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The Wrong Side: The Invisible Woman vs. A Celestial

by  in Comic News Comment
The Wrong Side: The Invisible Woman vs. A Celestial

In this feature, I examine comic book fights that were particularly notable in the wrong side winning (or at least that the fight wasn’t won the “right” way). This really isn’t a big deal, of course, as it doesn’t really matter if the “wrong” person won a fight. But it’s fun to talk about!

If you want to suggest a fight for future inclusion in this feature, drop me a line at Don’t suggest a fight in the comments!

Enough people wrote to me to request this one after I featured it as part of Invisible Woman’s Greatest Moments that I figured I might as well spotlight it!

As always, the first page spotlights their power levels and the second page examines the fight itself.

And as always, the first question we need to ask is…

How did these people do when they fought Spider-Man?

The Invisible Woman surprisingly hasn’t really fought Spider-Man that much.

She briefly tangled with him in the first issue of his ongoing series (by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko)…

and then in the eighth issue of his series (by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko)…

Not Spidey’s finest moment there.

Then in Marvel Team-Up #100 (by Chris Claremont, Frank Miller and Bob Wiacek)…


Well, none of these fights really tell us anything about how Sue stacks up against Spidey, and since the Celestials are too frightened of Spider-Man to ever fight him, that won’t help us, either. So I guess we’ll have to look to other feats of Sue and the Celestials.

Just last week, I was showing Thor’s fight against a Celestial in Thor #300 (by Ralph Macchio, Mark Gruenwald, Keith Pollard and Gene Day) as a sign of how powerful Thor was, and he LOSES this fight!

Luckily, Gaea shows up and makes a deal with the Celestials for them to spare Earth. I like to pretend that the Celestial said “Ayyyy” like Fonzie when he said Earth could live…

A few years later, in Thor #387 (by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Brett Breeding), Thor learned on another planet just HOW the Celestials carry out negative sentences for planets…

The next issue, Thor uses all of his might and BARELY cracks the shell of this mega-Celestial…

Speaking of Thor cracking shells, in Marvel Two-in-One #9 (by Steve Gerber, Chris Claremont, Herb Trimpe and Joe Giella), a brainwashed Thor beats up Sue’s shield enough to knock her out – but it is worth noting that her shields did VERY well to hold up against two blows by Thor…

(How awkward would it have been if Thor hadn’t managed to fight his brainwashing off? Or if he was just a few seconds late. “Oops…this is a lot of blood. I am going to have to cover this up”).

Perhaps Sue’s coolest feat with her shield was when a Gamma Bomb went off at the end of Infinity War #2/beginning of Infinity War #3 (by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim and Al Milgrom)…

That’s pretty damn impressive.

Plus, in Fantastic Four #391 (by Tom DeFalco, Paul Ryan and Danny Bulanadi), Sue shoved an invisible spike through an alternate reality Galactus…

but even Galactus is essentially telling us that that doesn’t really mean anything. It LOOKED really cool, though.

Okay, on to Sue’s singlehanded defeat of the giant Celestial!

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