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The Wrong Side: Hawkeye and Wonder Man vs. The Abomination

by  in Comic News Comment
The Wrong Side: Hawkeye and Wonder Man vs. The Abomination

In this feature, I examine comic book fights that were particularly notable in the wrong side winning (or at least that the fight wasn’t won the “right” way). This really isn’t a big deal, of course, as it doesn’t really matter if the “wrong” person won a fight. But it’s fun to talk about!

If you want to suggest a fight for future inclusion in this feature, drop me a line at Don’t suggest a fight in the comments!

For this installment, we’re doing something a bit different, as the Abomination got into two back-to-back “wrong” fights with solo members of the West Coast Avengers, Wonder Man and Hawkeye, so I’m featuring them both here.

As always, the first page spotlights their power levels and the second page examines the fight itself.

The Abomination had an interesting introduction, as he was introduced in Tales to Astonish #90 (by Stan Lee and Gil Kane) as a guy who was vastly stronger than the Hulk…

Stan Lee walked that idea back the very next issue, as Bruce Banner comes up with a way to siphon strength from the Abomination, only the Hulk forces him to stop once the Abomination was weakened enough to be as strong as the Hulk, because the Hulk liked the challenge. They fought to a draw that issue (the Stranger kidnapped the Abomination then).

In his subsequent appearances, the Abomination and Hulk fights followed a familiar pattern. The Abomination was as strong as the Hulk in the basic sense, but the Hulk had his “the madder I get, the stronger I get” ability, so it would start as an even fight, the Hulk would get mad, and he’d win. It got pretty repetitive, to be honest.

That said, the basic idea was that the Abomination held up very well against the Hulk. He couldn’t defeat the Hulk, but as you see here in Incredible Hulk #195 (by Len Wein and Sal Buscema and Joe Staton), the Hulk couldn’t take him out easily, either…

They were close to evenly matched.

To put Abomination’s relative invulnerability into context, check out this bit from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 (by Gerry Conway, David Michelinie, Rob Liefeld and Tim Dzon)…

Yes, he just shook off a direct TREMENDOUS punch by THE Spider-Man, the guy who this sick kid once collected. So that’s saying a lot.

Wonder Man has had surprisingly little history with the Hulk. When the Hulk was mindless, Wonder Man did very poorly against him, (in Incredible Hulk #322 by Al Milgrom) but Mindless Hulk seemed to be particularly powerful…

In a recent story set in the Joe Fixit era of the Hulk in Hulk Smashes the Avengers #4 (by Jim McCann, Aguistin Padilla and Jaime Mendoza), the much weaker Grey Hulk kicked Wonder Man’s ass…

If you treat that story as meaning anything, the Abomination (who by this point was housing the mind of the old Hulk foe Tyrannus, so the Abomination now had telepathic powers, as well) kicked the ass of the Grey Hulk in Incredible Hulk Annual #15 (by Danny Fingeroth and Sal Buscema). Although the Grey Hulk won the rematch, using his rarely implemented “madder he gets, stronger he gets” ability (Green Hulk used it all the time but the Grey Hulk only used it once or twice, I think there was something about him not getting angry the same way).

But anyways, I think that gives us a pretty good idea of where the Abomination and Wonder Man stand. As for Hawkeye, you all know Hawkeye. Dude has a lot of badass arrows. He can be feisty.

On to the fights!

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