The Wrong Side: Green Arrow vs. Solomon Grundy

In this feature, I examine comic book fights that were particularly notable in the wrong side winning (or at least that the fight wasn't won the "right" way). This really isn't a big deal, of course, as it doesn't really matter if the "wrong" person won a fight. But it's fun to talk about!

Today, based on a suggestion by reader Brad P., we take a look at Green Arrow's unlikely/"wrong" victory over Solomon Grundy.

As always, on the first page we establish power levels and on the second page we look at the fight.

Sadly, neither Green Arrow nor Solomon Grundy have ever fought Spider-Man, so we can use our trustiest source of how powerful someone is (by showing how close they can come to being as powerful as Spider-Man).


Instead, we'll just have to look at a couple of other interesting fights.

I won't look at Green Arrow achievements, because I think we all get it - he's a dude who shoots arrows. He's pretty formidable, depending on the arrows.

Here are a couple of interesting Grundy fights, however. Solomon Grundy, by the way, for those who are unfamiliar, here is his origin really quickly (from Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4, by Roger Stern, Jim Balent and Andrew Pepoy)...

In JSA #29 (by Geoff Johns and Peter Snejbjerg), Star Girl notes her nerve-disrupting stars don't work on Solomon Grundy, because he really doesn't HAVE a nervous system...


Most importantly for today's column is Superman #301 (by Gerry Conway, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Bob Oksner), where first we see Superman get hit really hard by Grundy, temporarily KNOCKING SUPERMAN OUT...

Then we see Superman eventually leave Grundy on the MOON!

That is important because it is the best demonstration of one aspect og Grundy's power set - dude doesn't have to breathe!

And yet, in the following fight with Green Arrow...well, let's just take a look on the next page...

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