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The Wrong Side: Freedom Force vs. Combined West and East Coast Avengers

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The Wrong Side: Freedom Force vs. Combined West and East Coast Avengers

The set-up of Avengers Annual #15 (by Danny Fingeroth, Steve Ditko and Klaus Janson) is that Quicksilver has framed the Avengers for various crimes and the government has sent Freedom Force (the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who have gotten pardons in exchange for working for the government) to arrest the Avengers. The Avengers debate whether to just accept the arrest and fight in court, but after an amusing scene where Wasp and Hawkeye have conflicting responses (Wasp wants to fight while Hawkeye wants to give up, but only because he thinks that’s what Wasp and/or Cap would do), the fight begins. It is too long to show the whole thing, so I’ll just have to pick representative pages…

First off, a key piece in the fight is if you buy that Spiral can just turn Captain Marvel’s powers off…

then the Avengers get picked off one by one…

I guess the fight turns in a lot of ways depending on what you think of Spiral’s instant knockout spells. If she really has “Make me win now” spells like shown in the comic, then I dunno, I guess that’s not that unbelievable, but I would argue that she is not really that powerful. And besides, even when she is taken out of the fight, Wonder Man was taken down by Destiny and Spider-Woman? That doesn’t seem likely.

I really liked Ditko’s art on the story, though. He did a particularly good job on facial expressions. Check out this Captain Marvel panel from earlier in the story…

Beautifully conveyed emotion.

Anyhow, what do you folks think of this battle?

Plus, if you want to suggest a future fight, feel free to drop me a line at!

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