The Wrong Side: Black Widow vs. Wonder Man

Contest of Champions II was about a group of aliens (secretly the Brood) who invited Earth's heroes to compete in a series of contests. Secretly, they drugged everyone there into not caring about anything but the battles themselves. Honestly, for the most part, pretty much all of the elaborate battles that took multiple pages seemed to end fairly well. Whether you agree with the result or not, they were logical enough. Claremont would even throw in little things to explain away the loss for the losing side, like Black Panther loses to Captain America but it could be that Panther was fighting the drugs they were under so he was distracted. Stuff like that.

But where the series got a little weird was when Claremont and his artists (Oscar Jimenez and Eduardo Alpuerte and Michael Ryan and Livesay) had to just draw one panel resolutions to fights. Those got a little kooky.

None of these fights are INSANE, but the Firestar and Quicksilver losses seem to revolve around Firestar and Quicksilver being morons ("Oh no, this is wrapped around my neck. If only i had something to burn it off of me" and "I'm super fast, but there's one thing I can't catch up to - a stick.") and the Power Man/Domino one doesn't even slightly explain how she won ("He's about to throw a car at me - he's just right where I wanted him").

But then you have Black Widow beating Wonder Man by putting the super strong being MADE OUT OF ENERGY into a choke hold for the win...

Suffice it to say that I think that that doesn't make any sense.

It doesn't even stop there, as Widow then kicks X-Force's collective ass before Thor takes her out quickly...

So, anyhow, her taking out Wonder Man like that did not work.

Okay, that's it for this week!

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