The "Worst X-Man Ever" Gets Digital-First Series From Bemis & Walsh

Depending on your own personal taste, particular pre-existing characters might come to mind when you hear the title "Worst X-Man Ever" -- but the upcoming series by that name will not star any X-Man you've ever seen before. Instead, "X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever" by Max Bemis (Say Anything,"Evil Empire," "A+X") and Michael Walsh ("Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra," "Secret Avengers") will feature a new protagonist: Bailey Hoskins.

Comic Vine spoke to "Worst X-Man" editor Jordan D. White about the series, which takes place in its own corner of the X-Verse.

"Given the story he wanted to tell, we decided to give Max the opportunity to bring us his own take on the X-Men, which is very much a sort of evergreen 'Best of' situation," said White. "We've got X-Men from all eras in here, all coming together to tell the story of Bailey Hoskins, our main character...who fears he may be the worst X-Man ever."

But when it came to actual details about Bailey Hoskins and his powers, White deflected to writer Bemis. "You'd have to ask him for the details on that one. All I can say for sure is that he's a very identifiable character, personality-wise...and that his powers are a big part of why things don't go as expected for him."

White also spoke about the series digital-first distribution, a move made partly because of Bemis' popularity outside the traditional comics world thanks to his career as the singer for Say Anything. "This way we can draw attention to a slightly off-kilter project while still getting the story to both the digital and print audiences," said White. "In addition -- like you said --Max Bemis has a lot of fans from outside the comics community who might want to check out his take on the X-Men, and picking up comics digitally is even easier for new readers."

The digital version of "X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever" #1 arrives in December with print versions of the issues coming in February 2016.

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