The Woman (Not) From UNCLE Gets Caught

This just in: If you're looking for a quick way of making money, then attempting to con a DVD distribution company out of millions by pretending to own the rights to a popular 1960s television show isn't the way to go about it. Who knew?

Well, I guess you could've always checked the law. A Los Angeles jury has awarded $7.3 million to Anchor Bay Entertainment as the result of its lawsuit against Lindsay Dunlap, who was found guilty of fraud when she managed to sell the company DVD rights to The Man From UNCLE that, Anchor Bay discovered after paying her $625,000, actually belonged to Warner Bros. Television.

In Anchor Bay's defense, Dunlap somehow managed to have not only the master tapes to episodes, but also unseen material that they believed would make attractive extras for fans of the show. Of course, on the other hand, you'd think that it'd take more than that to convince someone that you own rights to a TV show...

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