<i>The Wolf of Wall Street</i> Trailer Packs All of the Vocal Jams

In case your Monday was severely lacking in Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey vocal jams, we present to you the Wolf of Wall Street trailer.

Apple has debuted the trailer for the new Martin Scorsese-directed drama, based on Jordan Belfort's memoir about his days as a New York stockbroker, wrapped up in a hard-partying lifestyle that caught the attention of everyone from federal authorities to the mob. DiCaprio stars as Belfort, and is accompanied by McConaughey as Mark Hanna and Jonah Hill as Danny Porush. You'll spy other famous faces in the trailer, too, like Kyle Chandler as a federal agent, and Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal rocking one hell of a goatee.

The Wolf of Wall Street opens Nov. 15. Watch the trailer below, or in HD at Apple.com.

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