The wizarding world currency of Harry Potter decoded for Muggles

"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling is a genius at coming up with new languages, foreign lands, and unusual names. Her ability to create compelling fantasy stories is aided by the fact that she accounts for every detail. The same could be said for the system of currency she developed for the world of "Harry Potter."

As many readers know, the books of "Harry Potter" take place in two worlds: the Wizarding World and the non-magical world of Muggles. Each world has its own set of currency, and Reddit contributor AubieisMyHomie decided translate each world's currency to modern dollars and pounds. If Aubie's assertions are correct, Harry Potter was extremely wealthy, and the Weasleys were even poorer than anyone originally thought.

Here are a few examples of the currency conversions:

  • 17 sickles= 1 galleon
  • 29 knuts= 1 sickle
  • (493 knuts= 1 galleon)

Translated to modern currency that would mean:

  • Galleon= $25
  • Sickles= $1.50
  • Knuts= $.05

What do these comparisons mean for the modern value of some of the objects in the "Harry Potter" books? For starters, the Reddit thread points out the Cursed Necklace was listed at 1,500 galleons, which is roughly $35,000 today. Harry spent $750 to buy Omnioculars as Christmas presents for Ron, Hermione, and himself. It also means the worth of the Weasley's vault was 1 galleon and a pile of sickles, which was between $50 and $75. It's hard to think of the Weasleys so poor, in contrast to the wealth some of the other families in the "Harry Potter" series.

A complete list of items mentioned in the "Harry Potter" franchise and their modern day worth is listed via Reddit. 

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