The Witching Hour: Wonder Woman Just [SPOILER] - But There’s a Catch

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #57 by James Tynion IV, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy and Romulo Fajardo Jr., in stores now.

Throughout "The Witching Hour" crossover between Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman, the ancient Witch Mother Hecate has been systematically cleansing the Earth of magic, and replace it with her own creation. In order to do so, she's activated her "witchmarked," five powerful DC superheroines who have a connection to the world of magic. Each one bears a fifth of the power of Hecate, and once they are activated, they are completely in her control.

The Witch Mother's soldiers have run rampant across the world, unleashing death and destruction in ancient, powerful places of magic such as Nanda Parbat and the Parliament of Trees. With all of magic and the fate of the entire world at stake, the members of the Justice League Dark have been attempting desperately to defeat Hecate -- but one of their own has fallen under her spell. Wonder Woman is one of the five witchmarked, and the team's attempts to free the Amazon Princess from the grasp of the goddess of magic has just taken a drastic turn: Diana is dead.

But there's a catch.

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In Wonder Woman #57, the penultimate chapter of "The Witching Hour," the Justice League Dark is faced with a Hecate-powered Wonder Woman that can't be controlled, stopped or reasoned with. Therefore, John Constantine and Zatanna try to save Diana Prince with a good old-fashioned exorcism, to try and purge the witch from the Amazon Princess. Constantine's ceremony compels Hecate to abandon the bodies of all five of her witchmarked at the same time, and it works -- mostly. The bodies aren't freed simultaneously, so the full, raw magical energy of Hecate finds itself in Wonder Woman. So powerful is this pure magical energy that it burns right through Diana, killing her in the process.

Well, mostly; Wonder Woman, or rather a part of her, still lives.

At the start of the issue, Wonder Woman wakes up in a place that appears to be the Moon. There, she's greeted by Witchfire, another of Hecate's witchmarked, and the first of the five to perish. And yet, Witchfire is somehow still alive, smoking a cigarette and talking to Diana. She explains that they are not really on the Moon; rather, they're in a magical dimension where Hecate is keeping all five of her witchmarked -- the part of them that she can't control: their fighting spirit.

This is the same place where, at the close of the issue, Witchfire tells Wonder Woman that the Justice Leaguer has just died. But while her body has ceased to function, part of her spirit still lives in Hecate's magical dimension. This means that she isn't fully gone yet, opening up the backdoor to bringing the Amazon Princess back to life.

All it will take is for someone like Constantine to find her spirit reunite it with her body. But that may be easier said than done... after all, the Justice League Dark still has a goddess of magic to deal with before they can rescue their fearless leader.

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