The Witcher Showrunner Confirms Season Finale Has Been Written

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After a temporary hiatus from Twitter, Lauren Hissrich, who will serve as the showrunner on Netflix's The Witcher, has returned, along with confirmation that she has finally written the season finale.

Hissrich briefly left Twitter this month after some fans began to criticize the show's decision to change the race of the character Ciri, who had previously been depicted as Caucasian. In a tweet explaining her reasoning for the hiatus, Hissrich addressed both the love and hate she had received following the reaction to the casting breakdowns that had surfaced online.

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"The love here is amazing, and the hate is enlightening, like a real-life Trial of the Grasses," she wrote. "Except I HAVE to read less and write more -- or we won't have a damn finale." Thankfully, the mini break appears to have worked as Hissrich returned to Twitter today to announce she'd finished writing the first season finale.

News that Netflix would be adapting The Witcher novels for the small screen was first announced last year, with Hissrich officially boarding the series last December. Since then, she has continued to offer updates to fans on social media, whether it be by letting fans know when casting would begin or even breaking down how a story arc is developed for a season of television. Thankfully, while the Ciri casting backlash may have initially forced her off Twitter, it appears the love from fans has seemingly won out, as Hissrich appears to be back for good.

While casting is still underway, it's expected that production will kick off on The Witcher relatively soon in Eastern Europe, with author Andrzej Sapkowski on board as a creative consultant.

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Based on the fantasy novel series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher was developed for television by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who previously worked on The Defenders for Netflix. Actor Henry Cavill has signed on to star in the series, which is expected to debut its eight-episode first season sometime in 2019 on Netflix.

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