The Witcher: A Guide to the Characters Expected to Appear on the Netflix Series



The incredibly beautiful and immensely powerful sorceress is bound to Geralt as he is to her, a facet of their relationship that is explained in The Last Wish. Many know Yennefer as being cold and quick to anger. To those who don't know her, she would curse someone who pestered her on a whim. Geralt knows better. She may have a temper but there's so much more to her than that. Like lilac and gooseberries, for example.

Much like the books, Hissrich describes Yennefer as fiery, proud and contradictory. Hissrich nailed the crux of Yennefer's character when she wrote of how the sorceress seeks to fill a hole in her heart she desperately wishes wasn't there. Though she sometimes feels vulnerable, she is loathe to show it, which makes for an incredibly interesting character, one that Hissrich clearly understands.



What can be said of the story's main character? The monster hunter that often finds himself entangled in the affairs of royalty just as often as he finds himself caught up in the conflicts of bandits and peasants. Geralt of Rivia is an interesting case for the show. The video game adaptation and the novels depict two different Geralts in both physical description and characterization. Although the show will remain faithful to the source material, Hissrich has stated that the show will draw inspiration from the video game when it comes to building Geralt.

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According to Hissrich, Geralt in the show will be stoic, fierce and circumspect. Given what we know of witchers from the novels, that caution would, realistically, be a wise quality. Hissrich goes on to describe Geralt as being "soft and squishy" but he won't reveal that until the very end and even then, Hissrich teased that there would only be a hint of it.



Excitingly, Hissrich has also confirmed that the show will include Geralt's most faithful companion. His horse, Roach. Not much to say here really, except that Hissrich has described her as being ladylike and extrasensory, which is an interesting choice of words. We cannot wait to see if Roach will somehow provide some tasteful and subtle comedic relief...or she could just be his horse. Whatever the case, we're glad this one quirk-- that is, Geralt's choice to name all his horses "Roach"-- is something the show is including.

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