The Witcher: A Guide to the Characters Expected to Appear on the Netflix Series

Although the show was announced less than a year ago, Lauren S. Hissrich (known for her work on Marvel's Netflix series Daredevil and The Defenders) recently tweeted that the first draft for the pilot episode of Netflix's upcoming series, The Witcher, has been completed and is "out for notes" In short, this means we're now one crucial step closer to its release.

The Witcher reached international fame after the release of CD Projekt Red's The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, the last in the video game trilogy based on Andrzej Sapkowski's novel series. However, Sapkowski has been famously steadfast in his belief that the video games cannot and should not be seen as extensions of the world he has created.

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While she understands the passion fans have for the video game characters, Hissrich has stated that the upcoming show will not adapt the events or characters from the video games, closely adhering instead to Sapkowski's novels. This means that for those who were introduced to these characters through the games, you're in for a bit of a shock as they may not act the same way. That being said, there are clearly small details of the games Hissrich will be introducing into the characters adapted for the upcoming show, but we'll get to those.

Not long before the announcement about the pilot script, Hissrich also tweeted a list of characters that may appear in the show along with very basic descriptions of each one. We'll tell you a little bit about each of these characters, based on the books, while avoiding major spoilers just in case this news prompts you to start reading the novels.

Leo Bonhart


Bonhart was introduced in Baptism of Fire, published in 1996 (published in English in 2014). Put simply, this bounty hunter is a force to be reckoned with. He was a soldier turned sword-for-hire, not just because he was good at killing, but because he deeply enjoyed it. His skill with a blade was undeniable, given that he carried medallions from the various witchers he had slain in his career.

In her tweet, Hissrich described him as sadistic, ghoulish and hedonistic, among other things. She has made it clear that Bonhart will not be a character with depth as there is none to be had. He's evil and that's all there is to him, just as Sapkowski wrote him to be.



Also introduced in Baptism of Fire was Maria Barring, better known by her nickname, Milva, who briefly led the Scoia'tael, a non-human geurilla faction, during the Second Nilfgaard War. She fought bravely and led her soldiers through battle, all while she was pregant. Unfortunately, she was injured and miscarried, which drove her into a deep depression. Still, she fought, not just through enemy soldiers, but through her pain.

She is described in Hissrich's tweet as being saucy, savage and conciliatory. She is described as exhibiting the hades of moral grey prominent in Sapkowski's novels. Hissrich goes on to describe the themes surrounding the character as being unrequited romance and a crusade for peace.

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