'The Witch' Conjures a Creepy Poster and Website

In observance of Friday the 13th, A24 Films has revealed a creepy new poster and website for "The Witch," the beautiful- and terrifying-looking horror film by newcomer Robert Eggers.

Billed as "A New England Folktale," the Sundance favorite follows a farmer in early 17th-century New England who’s cast out of his colonial plantation and forced to move with his wife and five children to land on the edge of a forest said to be controlled by witches. Strange events begin to occur, with animals turning violent, crops failing and one of the children disappearing, only to return seemingly possessed by an evil spirit. As suspicion and paranoia grow, fingers begin to point at teenage daughter Thomasin, who’s accused of witchcraft.

Opening Feb. 26, “The Witch” stars Anya Taylor Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson.

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