'The Wind Rises' Casts Joseph Gordon-Levitt For U.S. Release

The Wind Rises has summoned a Dark Knight Rises actor to lead its American release's voice cast.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will headline the English-language version of what's said to be Hayao Miyazaki's final film, alongside an all-star group of actors including Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Stanley Tucci, Martin Short and Mandy Patinkin. Gordon-Levitt will voice lead character Jiro Horikoshi, a young boy in the early 1900s with dreams of flying — dreams that ultimately yield destructive consequences.

"What I love about acting is becoming somebody else," Gordon-Levitt told USA Today about why he joined the Wind Rises cast. "And when you're just doing the voice and the animation is providing the visuals, you can really become someone else."

Gordon-Levitt, a self-declared Miyazaki fan, said The Wind Rises is "more grounded in human beings and a historical moment in time" than Miyazaki's past work, but not at the expense of the legendary filmmaker's unique "flavor of magic."

The Wind Rises releases in the United States on Feb. 21.

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