The Wicked + The Divine Characters By Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

If you aren't already reading Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie's The Wicked + The Divine, you are missing out on one of the best comic books currently on shelves. The Wicked + The Divine is about a group of reincarnated gods coming back to earth as music superstars, and the chaos they cause as they struggle for power and love. What makes the series so fantastic is the gorgeous artwork by McKelvie and the fascinating personalities written by Gillen, both of which contribute to making these gods as fantastic and sympathetic as they are.

Check out the book if you haven't already, and once you do, check out our The Wicked + The Divine characters by Myers-Briggs® personality type. These characters may be divine, but they're not unrecognizable, as any good Myers-Briggs® test will reveal. Enjoy!

10 Wōden - ISTP

ISTPs are an interesting paradox. They both feel comfortable in a unit and tenaciously cling to their autonomy. As such, the groups they invest in are usually ones they lead. That’s the case with Wōden, the pervy head of the Valkyries and obsessive god-stalker. At their worst, ISTPs can be a lot like Wōden, unhealthily attached to things and arrogant to a point of sadism toward others.

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Wōden dislikes having his authority challenged but doesn’t mind having his actions judged. Usually, ISTPs are rugged individualists, committed to higher ideals. Unfortunately, they can every once in a while turn out like Wōden.

9 The Morrigan - ENTP

Technically, there are three people that make up the Morrigan. One, the dominant personality, is the one known as the Moreigan, which is where the other gods get their names. But the other two, Gentle Annie and Badb, are also parts of the whole goddess.

As one person, these frequent transformations make the Morrigan erratic, a common trait in ENTPs. And though the personalities are different, they are all fiercely loyal to themselves, in true ENTP fashion. They seek immediate gratification for their desires, whether that’s violence or sex. All of these qualities make up a clear (if extreme) example of an ENTP, which is why we put the Morrigan in this slot.

8 Inanna - ENFP

All of the members on the Pantheon have an impact on the humans they meet, but no other god has an impact on the Pantheon as Inanna. Half the gods that meet him fall in love with him, and we totally understand why. Inanna is magnetic, a well-loved motivator and encouraged that makes those around him feel better about himself.

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Inanna is an optimistic lover of life, a bright and humorous member of a club that’s otherwise dour and sarcastic. All of these qualities signal that Inanna’s an ENFP, and explain why ENFPs are so well-liked. Of course, not every ENFP is as shimmering a presence as Inanna. Then again, very few ENFPs are gods.

7 Baphomet - ESFJ

Remember that popular kid in high school that was constantly worried about their popularity? That’s an ESFJ. ESFJs value not just their relationships but how the people in those relationships view them. You can imagine, then, why we picked for this spot the god who doesn’t even go by his real name. Yeah, Baphomet’s name is actually Nergal, but since he believes Baphomet is a cooler god, he pretends to be that one. Which, we gotta say, would probably mean this character isn’t a ton of fun to be around. I mean, could you imagine trying to hang out with someone who was insecure as a god?

6 Baal - ESTJ

ESTJs aren’t always bad guys. However, if one of them is, it’ll be hard to convince them of that. ESTJs live in cut-and-dry worlds. They make quick and committed decisions based on their concrete worldviews. Baal the sky god is a lot like this. He’s committed to his relationship with Inanna and then; when the trust he gives him is betrayed, Baal’s world is shaken.

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He’s seen Inanna as loyal the whole time they were together, and the fact that he wasn’t, rocks his worldview. To compensate, Baal doubles down on another idea of reality, that the only way he’ll survive is in his own. And as a true ESTJ, He starts acting on this idea quickly.

5 Minerva - INFP

For an international celebrity/worshipped divinity, Minerva is actually pretty introverted. INFPs like her are reserved and thoughtful, mostly happy to be left alone. However, that's not to say Minerva's a complete lone wolf. Like her fellow INFPs, Minerva trusts people who show her affection. Sadly, that trust is misplaced and winds up negatively affecting Minerva's life.

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Still, that's mostly because Minerva's a 12-year-old with neglectful parents. INFPs typically do a better job in placing their trust. Most relationships INFPs form with people are intimate and positive and enrich everyone involved.

4 Cassandra Igarashi - INTP

Before Cassandra became one of the Norn, she was an investigative reporter. And though most INTPs don't become triune nature goddesses, an investigative reporter role is right up their alley. INTPs are pursuers of truth. They thoroughly gather facts to make informed decisions about their situations and form their worldviews. Watch for INTPs in most of your favorite detective characters, as they've all got a deductive streak in their personalities. Also like most INTPs, Cassandra doesn't mind detaching herself from a situation to analyze it. It's also probably just a good idea to keep an emotional distance from the Pantheon. Things don't always go well for them.

3 Ananke - ISFJ

ISFJs don’t need the spotlight. They’re perfectly comfortable working behind the scenes to achieve a goal. So, we think the shadowy matron of the Pantheon, Ananke, fits this spot pretty well. Also like other ISFJs, Ananke is committed to an ideal, specifically the sacred sacrifice of the gods to keep a great evil at bay. She holds fiercely to her beliefs, going so far as to sacrifice those she lives to serve them. It may be difficult work, but in true ISFJ fashion, Ananke believes her work is worth it.

2 Lucifer - ESFP

Lucifer is the ultimate “cool kid” in The Wicked + The Divine. She’s got Han Solo levels of swag and a Dr. Frank N. Furter hedonism. As such, Lucifer is an extreme example of an ESFP. Lucifer is all about rolling with the punches, adapting to new situations to ultimately make herself happier.

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She is charming and expressive, with a magnetic personality that can draw out even the most introverted character. Just like her fellow ESFPs, Lucifer lives with a zest for life. Even if it gets her in trouble.

1 Laura Wilson - ENFJ

The protagonist of The Wicked + The Divine, known as Laura Wilson and the goddess Persephone, is the type of character we want to root for. That’s a trait of ENFJs to be sure, they have attractive, warm personalities that make us want to see them succeed.

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ENFJs like Laura are also fast and loyal friends, as Laura’s proven with several of her relationships in the story, especially with Lucifer. Laura ultimately wants what’s best for the people she loves and will go to heroic lengths to make those goals come true. We root for Laura because she’s a classic hero; brave, loyal, but not without her faults. And it’s her ENFJ qualities that make her so.

Who’s your favorite member of the Pantheon? Which Myers-Briggs® Personality Type would you give them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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