The Whole Batwoman Thing

Boy, I am just in total chop-busting mood today, eh? But I gave you all the Snark Blocker, so that should almost make up for it!!

So I was reading about how DC is officially not planning on doing a Batwoman series any time soon. Boy, that sure does highlight just how poorly the whole Batwoman thing was handled, doesn't it?

First, they announce the character with great fanfare in the New York Times, and proceed to essentialy bury the character.

First Devin Grayson's take, and then the rumored Greg Rucka/JH Williams take (by the by, has anyone but Rucka even WRITTEN Batwoman, officially?).

I mean, what's the deal? Is it the Batman movies coming out, and DC's afraid to release a (gasp) GAY Bat-related character at the same time of the movie (Perhaps they have this nightmare scenario of a child purchasing a Batwoman comic and the parents going crazy when they find out the character is a gay!!)? If that's the case, though, then why do the Times piece in the first place? Was the attention given the piece more than expected?

Just seems so weird.


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