<i>The West Wing</i> Cast Reunites For 'Walk and Talk the Vote' Ad

Much of the cast of the dearly missed Aaron Sorkin drama The West Wing, from Martin Sheen and Allison Janney to Bradley Whitford and Lily Tomlin, has reunited to make a campaign commercial for Bridget Mary McCormack, a non-partisan candidate for the Michigan State Supreme Court. She just happens to be the sister of Mary McCormack, star of USA Network's In Plain Sight, who played Deputy National Security Advisor Kate Harper for three seasons of the NBC series (she has a prominent role in the commercial, naturally).

As suggested by the title "Walk and Talk the Vote," the TV ad employs the storytelling technique made famous by show, with Mary McCormack and Joshua Malina trailed by Janel Moloney on their way through the West Wing (which looks suspiciously like a Los Angeles office building) on their way to meet Richard Schiff, Janney and Whiftord, who in turn collect Melissa Fitzgerald on their way to Sheen and Tomlin.

Throughout it all is a message about why it's important to vote on the non-partisan section of the ballot, punctuated with a few really good lines, including an Apocalypse Now reference by Sheen.

(via The Washington Post)

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