The Weekend Flies By with Superman in "USA Weekend"

[Editor's Note: This story originally ran on June 16th, 2006]

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On June 28th, the long wait is over and "Superman Returns" to movie theaters. In honor of the Man of Steel's cinematic comeback, this weekend's edition of "USA Weekend," the weekly magazine published by Gannett and included as a supplement in many Sunday newspapers, will include a special "Superman Returns" movie poster illustrated by acclaimed comic artist Matt Haley.

"I was humbled and thrilled when DC Comics asked me to contribute to this new Superman film, and hope fans enjoy the poster as much as I enjoyed illustrating it, not to mention finally getting to have my art colored by Alex Sinclair!" Haley told CBR News.

Readers hungry for more of Haley's dynamic depictions of the Man of Tomorrow should be on the look out for the "Superman: Returns" movie adaptation by writer Martin Pasko and featuring art by Haley (assisted by Mike Collins) with colors by Nathan Eyring, which hits stores on July 5th.

Check this site to find out if your local newspaper carries "USA Weekend."

Look for an interview with Haley about both Superman projects coming soon here on CBR News. And, if you're looking for a spoiler free review of the film, click here.

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