The Week in CBR Reviews

The CBR Reviews team covered a lot of ground this past week, reviewing a wide range of books, including a number of big and highly anticipated releases.

Easily the biggest releaase of this past week was "Secret Invasion" #8, which our Canadian reviewer (who got his comics a full day before American readers) Chad Nevett gave 3.5 stars and said the final issue of this series, "concludes the story well and sets up the next stage in the Marvel universe in an appropriately surprising and compelling manner, choosing to focus more on character than big plot movements - which is how it should be..."

Last Sunday, Greg McElhatton took a look at another high profile release, last weeks "The Umbrella Academy: Dallas" #1 giving it four stars and said of the first issue, "[it's] another great reminder of just how much fun the first mini-series was, and how this new one promises to be more of the same."

This week saw a number of books receive high marks, including 4.5 stars for Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1 and numerous four star reviews, but we also saw the first five star reviewed book in quite some time. That honor was handed to "Criminal" Volume 2 #7, of which reviwer Chad Nevett said was, "A strong end to a typically strong story that proves, yet again, that "Criminal" is one of the best comic books out there, both in its craft and its content."

Links to all the books reviewed in the past week can be found below. You can follow the CBR Reviews team daily by visiting the Reviews page anytime you like. Updates are posted (almost) every day of the week.

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