The Webcomic List Awards are presented... in a webcomic

The envelope please! The 2010 Webcomic List Awards are out, after a slight delay, and just like last year, they are presented in a webcomic, a sort of sequential-art version of the standard TV awards show. This is actually a nice format as it allows them to present a sample of each nominated comic without making the reader click away from the page. Plus it's well done. (Don't miss the little companion comic at the bottom about the latecomers racing to the ceremony. I was hoping there would be a webcomic afterparty in which the creators and judges get drunk and disgrace themselves in entertaining ways, but no dice.)

The organizers don't seem to have posted a single list of the winners anywhere, so the only way to find them is by reading the whole webcomic. Which isn't so bad, really, but if you're in a hurry to find a good webcomic (and who isn't?), here's the list:

This is the second year for the Webcomic List Awards, which grew out of the forums for The Webcomic List.

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