Image's The Weatherman Releases Latest Song from Synthwave Soundtrack

Last month, writer Jody LeHeup revealed that The Weatherman, the new Image Comics series written by him and illustrated by Nathan Fox and Dave Stewart, would have its own synthwave soundtrack, with each issue coinciding with a new song.

After kicking things off in May with "Colossus" by Magic Sword, The Weatherman #1 is available today, and a new track has been unveiled: "White Light," by Makeup & Vanity Set. As LeHeup notes, the song is inspired by one of the book's assassin characters, and uses dialogue from the issue. CBR has your first listen in the SoundCloud embed below.

Along with Magic Sword (who curated the soundtrack) and Makeup & Vanity Set, synthwave bands Dance with the Dead, Power Glove, Pylot and Le Matos are also slated to contribute to The Weatherman soundtrack.

"There’s an intensity and a viciousness to their work that when taken together sharpens the teeth we feel The Weatherman has," LeHeup told CBR last month of the bands involved in the soundtrack. "But it’s also incredibly fun and high energy when it wants to be, which is the case for our book as well."

Announced earlier this year at Image Expo, The Weatherman is a sci-fi series that tells the story of a well-meaning local weatherman who ends up accused of decimating the population of Earth. As LeHeup puts it, "It’s about this terrified, hunted person who may be responsible for the worst crime against his fellow man imaginable. And he doesn’t remember. Thematically we’re asking questions like, what is the difference between justice and revenge? How much damage are we willing to do to those around us in the name of balancing the scales? What does it mean to be redeemed?"

The Weatherman #1 is available now from Image Comics.

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