The Warriors Official Movie Adaptation TPB

Warriors... Come out and plaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaay!

Chronicling one night in the lives of the New York City street gang, the Warriors, and their harrowing journey for survival and redemption. Cyrus, the messianic leader of the city's largest gang, the Riffs, declares a truce and calls a summit in the Bronx with all the rival gangs in attendance. Cyrus's vision is to unify all the gangs into one superorganization, one that the cops will never be able to control. But during the meeting, Cyrus is assassinated, and the murder is pinned on a member of the Warriors. With no time to prove their innocence, the Warriors have no choice: they must run - for their lives and for their honor. But it's a long, long way from the Bronx to Coney Island, especially with an entire city of

ruthless thugs swearing vengeance and out for blood.

Collecting issues one through five of the official comic book adaptation of the cult classic Walter Hill film. Adapted by David Atchison, Chris DiBari and Tommy Patterson.

Kiss: The End #3

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