"The Walking Dead's" Steven Yeun Admits He's Worried about Glenn & More

While Steven Yeun admitted he was worried about Glenn, Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride hinted at just what could frighten their battle-worn characters in "The Walking Dead" season six during an interview with New York Daily News.

"Yes, I'm worried about Glenn," Yeun shared. "But we're still in the middle of filming. There's still a lot of story to tell, and a lot of different stories to tell from the graphic novels."

Yeun might have good reason to worry. AMC is reportedly seeking to cast Negan, the character who bludgeons Glenn to death with his barbed wire-wrapped bat named Lucille in "The Walking Dead" #100.

McBride also teased that Carol would be getting a fright this season. "What can't Carol handle? We'll find out," she laughed.

Lincoln, on the other hand, thinks Rick has a different kind of worrying to do. "Parenting in the apocalypse -- I don't know what's scarier, the [zombie] virus or hormones. Every parent lives in fear of having 'The Chat,' you know?"

Based on the Image Comics series of the same name and created by Robert Kirkman, the sixth season of "The Walking Dead" is scheduled to debut with a 90-minute episode Oct. 11 on AMC.

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