'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus Teases Not Even Daryl May Be Safe

Nobody's safe on The Walking Dead, not even a fan-favorite character like Daryl Dixon.

"We all have a guillotine over our heads," the drama's breakout star Norman Reedus tells Rolling Stone. "We could all eat it at any time."

Daryl is an interesting case, as he's one of very few main characters created entirely for the TV series, without first appearing in the comic books. Unlike the show's other players, there are zero clues as to when, how or if Daryl might meet his maker — and if he ever does, the legions of Daryl fans will likely revolt against the AMC series.

"I like a good riot," Reedus teased.

Check out the full interview for more on how Walking Dead changed Reedus' life, the career opportunities he's turned down, his first meeting with Frank Darabont, and his secret desire to give up everything for a cat house on Long Island.

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