Walking Dead's Tom Payne Would Be 'Well Up' For Playing Wolverine

One question has been on the lips of Marvel movie fans ever since the debut of Logan last year -- who will play the new Wolverine? Hugh Jackman held the title for over a decade, but the actor has made it clear time and time again that Logan was his last time wielding the hero’s adamantium claws. Now, with several actors voicing their interest in the iconic role, a new contender has entered the fray.

The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne recently revealed that one of his long-time goals is to play Wolverine on the big screen. If the chance ever comes up, there’s no doubt Payne, who plays Paul "Jesus" Rovia on The Walking Dead, would jump for it.

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"If they did recast the Wolverine part, I'd be well up for it," Payne said in an interview with TV Guide.

If there was any doubt about Payne’s dedication to his theoretical role, the actor cleared it up pretty quickly, hammering out the rough dimensions of Marvel’s premier X-Man in comparison to his own. Apparently, the two are roughly the same height and build.

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"Wolverine is actually like 5-foot-1-inch, or 5-foot-2-inch" or something," Payne said. "And Hugh, he was brilliant, but he was much, much, much bigger."

Rumors of a spinoff film have been swirling ever since Logan premiered. No further information about a sequel focusing on Dafne Keen’s X-23 has come to light since, though. Similarly, while there seems to be a groundswell of interest in recasting Wolverine for a new generation of X-Men fans, there has been no concrete evidence that such an effort is underway.

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