<i>The Walking Dead</i> Takes Over Stretch Of Georgia Highway

In what's either evidence of the zombie apocalypse or a sign that filming is under way for the second season of The Walking Dead, part of Georgia State Route 20 has been shut down by countless abandoned cars. Oh, all right, it's latter.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a stretch of highway in southern Henry County, home to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, will be closed through Thursday night while scenes for the AMC drama are filmed. The Georgia Department of Transportation issued a press release in March advising motorists to avoid the area because of "ongoing road work," a move designed to cut down on people showing up to watch production.

Based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead is shot on location in the Atlanta area. The first season ended with Rick Grimes leading the small group of survivors away from the fiery remains of the Centers for Disease Control (aka the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre) and a city overrun by walkers. We already know that the 13-episode second season will include a visit to Hershel's Farm and, presumably Wiltshire Estates and the prison.

The Walking Dead returns in October on AMC.

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