"The Walking Dead" Take Torturous Turn In New Trailer

AMC is ramping up for the October return of "The Walking Dead" with yet another new trailer for Season 5 of the hit series

Titled "Never Let Your Guard Down," the teaser focuses on the fate of Rick Grimes' band of survivors as they've fallen to the mercies of the mysterious inhabitants of Terminus. While the action starts off with some "torture porn"-like set pieces -- a turn toward some different horror for the show -- the action returns to the zombified denizens of Robert Kirkman's world soon after. Fans will want to pay close attention to a deadly turn for Glenn and a potentially heartbreaking moment of the military-minded Abraham Ford.

"There's so much going on [in Season 5], that the things we've given away are really just the tip of the iceberg," Kirkman said during Comic-Con International. "So, it doesn't really matter that you've seen Rick with Judith or some of the other things that you might catch here or there inside that trailer, just because there's so much going on under the surface to be revealed, that people are still going to be very surprised. If you think you know what's going on from watching that trailer, you might not. There are a lot of twists and turns along the way."

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 debuts October 12 on AMC.

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