'The Walking Dead' Star Lennie James Joins 'Blade Runner' Sequel

It looks like everyone's favorite warrior monk will apparently take a break from flesh-eating zombies to deal with humanoid Replicants in 2017.

Lennie James, who plays fan-favorite Morgan on AMC's "The Walking Dead," has signed on for Denis Villeneuve's ("Sicario," "Prisoners") "Blade Runner 2," a sequel to Ridley Scott's seminal scu-fi film. James will co-star in a story from written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green alongside a loaded cast that already includes Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and Decker himself, Harrison Ford.

Released in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott, the original "Blade Runner" stunned audiences with its iconic visuals and soundtrack. It told the story -- also co-written by Fancher -- of a man hired to track down and eliminate a group of rogue synthetic humans known as Replicants in a dystopian future version of Los Angeles.

Although "Blade Runner 2" won't make it to theaters until October 6, 2017, fans can catch Lennie James during Season 7 of "The Walking Dead," which premieres October 23 on AMC.

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