"The Walking Dead" Scares Up a Wall Mural in Cynthiana, Kentucky

It seems like "The Walking Dead" is everywhere these days -- comics, television, toy shelves, looming over you at comics conventions. But now, after 70 cans of paint and a week's worth of work, there's yet another area the franchise has devoured -- a wall in Cynthiana, Kentucky, as reported by Comicbook.com.

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The new wall mural was painted by Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith and was commissioned to honor original "Walking Dead" artist Tony Moore and creator Robert Kirkman. Both were raised in Cynthiana.

The mural depicts characters from both the comic series and the television show, including Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne and Daryl Dixon.

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Odeith is known for his wall murals, having committed to brick everything from the "Breaking Bad" protagonists and a trumpeting Louis Armstrong, to the xenomorph from "Alien."

"Walking Dead" fans have come from all over Kentucky, and beyond, to see the mural. According to Odeith, over the six days it to took to create the mural, he had his picture taken with roughly 200 fans.

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Check out a video spotlighting the the wall, below:

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