Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman 'Explains' Maggie's 48-Month Pregnancy

Maggie Rhee The Walking Dead

As AMC's The Walking Dead heads into a new era with Season 9, comic book creator Robert Kirkman explains how Maggie Rhee has been pregnant for the past 48 months.

The Walking Dead may not be the most realistic show on TV, with its eye-patched villains and bat-swinging psychopaths, but it sometimes seems like the hit series even manages to forget the laws of nature. Maggie has been pregnant since back in Season 6, and some fans are rightly questioning why it's taking so long.

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Speaking to CBR at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Kirkman had a decidedly clever response to the widow Rhee's extended pregnancy. Speaking about Maggie's baby, Kirkman joked, "The farm Maggie is from is on the site of a crashed alien spaceship...and the side effect is that the women from the vicinity of that ship carry babies to term over a 48-month period."

When one fan pushed on when we could see her bundle of joy, Kirkman continued, "Season 9 spoiler: Maggie finally has her baby, and it has superpowers. It has a jetpack, and when she says 'Go, Baby, Go!' it takes off. The special effects guys were a little put off by that."

Considering a whole season of The Walking Dead can take place over a matter of days or weeks, the likes of Kirkman clearly aren't that concerned with a convoluted timeline. In a show where the characters face walker hordes and the impending threat of the Whisperers, does it really matter?

Although actress Lauren Cohan is set to bow out of her long-running role as Maggie in Season 9, the addition of a new baby and her impending war with Rick Grimes teases that there is still plenty to come from the last surviving member of the Greene family.

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