The Walking Dead Movie to Bring Rick Grimes' Return to Theaters

rick grimes the walking dead

Forget television, Andrew Lincoln's return as The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes is headed to the big screen.

Despite Lincoln departing AMC's The Walking Dead during Season 9, the network assured his character's story would continue, revealing that a trilogy of big-budget Walking Dead TV movies starring Rick Grimes were in the works. A teaser for the first-ever Walking Dead movie has now been unveiled, alongside the announcement that the film will actually be a theatrical release.

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The film has yet to be given an official name and is currently being billed as "Untitled The Walking Dead Movie." Moreover, the teaser itself doesn't exactly show a whole lot. All that can be seen is a dark shot of a helicopter flying towards a city. From there, a Walking Dead title card appears, followed by the message, "Rick Grimes returns. Only in theaters." The film will be a collaboration between AMC, Skybound and Universal Pictures.

Despite the lack of details given, the fact that Rick Grimes' return will take place on the silver screen is a major revelation nonetheless. When fans of the Walking Dead television series last saw the character, he had to blow up the bridge leading to Alexandria. After the explosion, a barely-alive Rick was found by Jadis, with the two being taken away by the mysterious helicopter that had been flying around throughout Season 9. The announced cinematic trilogy is slated to shed some light on what exactly happened next.

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The untitled Walking Dead film does not currently have a release date.

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