The Walking Dead Meets Chappelle's Show in SNL Skit

Leave it to Dave Chappelle, and "Saturday Night Live," to use a zombie drama to resurrect some comedy favorites -- and deliver a message in the process.

Hosting this week's episode, the comedian acknowledged that he originally hadn't intended to perform any characters from "Chappelle's Show," which ended more than a decade ago, but then he watched the Season Seven premiere of "The Walking Dead." A fan of Glenn, Chappelle acknowledges he was "crushed" by the brutal scene, but also -- apparently -- inspired.

We should be glad inspiration, if maybe not Lucille, struck, as what followed was a perfect parody on the AMC hit, with Chappelle playing not only the bat-swinging Negan, but also his would-be victims: Tyrone Biggums, Andy "Silky" Johnson (with Beautiful) of the Playa Haters' Ball, Chuck Taylor, Lil Jon and Clayton Bigsby.

"Your face looks like Fonzie made the Negro Leagues," Silky said dismissively, even as Negan tried to decide upon a victim.

In the end he chooses Tyrone, who accepts his fate with his head held high, literally. While Chuck Taylor pleaded for his life, Tyrone and his severed head took the opportunity to make a case for national healing following the presidential election. "Let us see ourselves in one another," he said, "for only empathy can conquer hate. I am every man, I am every woman, it's all in me ..."

Indeed, Tyrone. Indeed.

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