The Walking Dead: Every Major Death From The Last 2 Seasons, Ranked

The Walking Dead is much like Game of Thrones, in that it is known for the massive amount of deaths that fans have to endure while watching the show. It can be excruciating to watch, that much is certain, considering that throughout the seasons, it's very easy for fans to get attached to the characters.

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Losing Rick Grimes was enough to leave the show barely hanging on, but the show continues to take risks with Season 9 by continuing to write off some beloved characters. Not all of the ones that we list are loved, in fact, some are quite hated, but this is the list of the major deaths that marked the show in seasons 8 and 9.


A lot of people wanted Simon gone, even though he was a fantastic actor. Simon delivered too many blows to Team Family, and fans were sick of him from the get-go. Negan was enough trouble, without adding Simon to the mix.

Simon thought it would be in his best interest to go against Negan, who eventually finds out and they battle it out for leadership. Obviously, fans knew who would come out winning, which is why this major reoccurring character doesn't rank high on our lists of best deaths.


Gregory finally getting what he deserved was arguably one of the best moments of the entire show. Not one person liked this guy, and with good reason. He continuously backstabbed Team Family, and tried to get Rick and Maggie killed more than once. Luckily, the two are used to one-upping him.

His death was a sweet release for fans. We watched with baited and excited breath as Maggie executed him to make a point. Although it was one of the more pleasing deaths for fans to watch, being the most annoying character, there were deaths that were way more talked about because of the tragedy behind it all.


Although they weren't all major characters, the Scavengers were very prominent characters throughout season eight. While we mostly got to see their creepy leader Jadis involved with Rick and his family, we got glimpses of the others. Although fans were not very attached to the group, their demise was one of the sicklier parts of the show that fans couldn't quite forget (and only made fans dislike Simon even more).

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When Simon goes to their compound for negotiations, he eliminates two of Jadis' friends, despite the fact that Negan didn't want him to take down more than one. When Jadis attacks him, Simon decides to throw everything Negan has told him to the wind, and eliminates the entire group of Scavengers, while Jadis has to watch.


Anyone who watches The Walking Dead has to put up with the occasional animal death, and somehow, that's even more heartbreaking than certain people dying. Shiva definitely fell under that category. Despite being a fearsome tiger, fans completely fell for the feline, and desperately hoped she would stick around for the long run.

Unfortunately, fans didn't get what they wanted, but really, when do they ever when it comes to this show? While an injured Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry are trying to run, Shiva appears to save the day. She gives them enough time to run but unfortunately sacrifices herself to the walkers to do so. Ezekiel watching his longtime friend and companion become devoured, simply broke our hearts.


Unfortunately, The Walking Dead is a lot like other shows in that they don't always know how to treat their LGBTQ+ characters. While it is the apocalypse, and everyone is supposed to die, their LGBTQ+ fans would feel a lot better about that if they actually had representation that had progressive storylines on screen.

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Eric passing away, leaving his boyfriend Aaron behind, broke the hearts of viewers. He was taken down by the Saviors, and their goodbye was short and terribly sad. It's never fun to watch a couple have to say goodbye to each other.


Henry, although not terribly beloved by fans, was a terribly sad death. After losing his family, Carol and Ezekiel decided to adopt him when he was a child as one of their own. Carol, finally opening her heart to another child and a new man, took a massive step in doing so.

Fans were happy that they finally got to see her thriving. So when Alpha, the lead Whisperer, decide to capture him and decapitate him, and put him on a pike for his mother to see, needless to say, fans were sick to their stomachs. Carol was losing another child, and no matter how we felt about Henry, it was hard to watch.


Enid, unfortunately, never got the storylines she quite deserved. From the beginning, her storylines revolved around men, and the most character development she got was learning to become a doctor. Fans were desperate to see more of her, especially after losing Carl, wondering if she would be the one to take his role in the fight against the Saviors.

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Not only did that not happen, but after barely any screen time in season 9, we had to see her head on a pike to finish off her story. It was a sad way to say goodbye to her, and it felt like a lot of wasted potential for such an interesting character.


Tara dying was another hit to the LGBTQ+ community, especially considering we had to watch her girlfriends die throughout the show. One of the best characters of Team Family, we got to watch her evolve from being across the fence with the Governor, to gaining Rick's trust, to leading a whole town.

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She had one of the best developments, so saying goodbye to her, so quickly and so suddenly shocked fans to their core. However, her death did keep up with the tradition that The Walking Dead has, in that they give their important characters brutal endings.


Another nail in the coffin, so to speak, was the killing of gay badass Paul "Jesus" Rovia. In the comics, he is one of the biggest characters in the series and makes some kills that would have been absolutely amazing to be on the show.

Fans were hoping for some more action sequences, and to see a closer relationship with him and Rick, like in the comics, but unfortunately, we didn't get any of that. He got killed off way too soon, and fans took to social media to rage about just that. Losing Paul to the Whisperers was a great way of introducing them, but an awful way to say goodbye to a beloved character. It definitely made for one of the more tragic deaths in the past two seasons.


Easily, the most heartbreaking death in the past two seasons was none other than Carl Grimes. Some fans had a feeling that it was coming, but even for those fans, it was a terribly tragic couple of episodes.

Watching Rick have to say goodbye to his son, who he worked so hard to set up the New World for, was one of the most heartbreaking things in all seasons of the show. Carl, in one final act of bravery, decided to take himself out rather than having his father do it. Hearing Rick whimper as the shot went off in the church will haunt fans forever.

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