'The Walking Dead' lumbers back to Halloween Horror Nights

The Walking Dead will return to Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando for an unprecedented third consecutive year for Halloween Horror Nights 24. This year's mazes will be based on the fourth season of AMC's hit drama, based on the bestselling comics series created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

While attractions at both theme parks will send visitors fleeing from the Prison overrun by walkers into unknown territory as they seek sanctuary at Terminus, Universal Orlando will feature what's being billed as the largest made ever created at Halloween Horror Nights. Guests there will escape to the Big Spot store, complete with crashed helicopter, the burned-down moonshine shack and the dilapidated country club before finally making their way to the End of the Line.

"Bringing a horror property back for a third year in a row is always a decision that is carefully considered," Michael Aiello, creative develop director for Universal Orlando's entertainment team, said in a statement. "Fortunately, The Walking Dead is unlike any horror brand around. Its appeal spreads across so many types of viewers. Hardcore and casual horror fans alike are watching week after week, and Season 4 offered many new and unique environments and walkers. This year, we are taking this partnership to the next level, with a monstrous sound stage maze and a scope that is bigger and badder than anything we've ever done in the history of our event."

Halloween Horror Nights begins Sept. 20.

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