The Walking Dead, Kick-Ass 2, The Avengers: August 21st Comic Reel


Excitement continues to shamble forward for "The Walking Dead" season three, but the DVD/Blu-ray release window of season two is also bringing a few tidbits and treats for fans -- including this deleted scene from the second season premiere. (Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the heads up.)

Additionally, the EW Facebook Page has an interview with series star Andrew Lincoln about the Governor's appearance in season three.

"I hear rumors about this dude called The Governor," Lincoln told EW. "What a ridiculous name. I can't wait to kick his ass. I mean, really? The Governor? Apparently his name's Phillip. That's the most lilly-livered name I have ever [heard]!" [Laughs]

Joking aside, Lincoln said he was very excited to work with David Morrissey, who is set to portray the major antagonist of season three.

"We've got David Morrissey, who is an extraordinary actor and someone I've wanted to work with while I was in England, but it just so happens we have to come over here to work together," he said. "It certainly moves into a fascinating area -- the threat being far more about the other human beings. But seriously, I can't wait to kick his ass."

Premieres this fall on AMC


According to Deadline, Jim Carrey is currently being courted by Universal to play The Colonel in "Kick-Ass 2." Deadline is quick to note that Carrey has not accepted the role of the figure who helps gather a team of misfit superheroes to fight evil, but he's definitely a fan of the original film. Carrey wore a Kick-Ass costume during a musical duet with Conan O'Brien.

Speaking of The Colonel, "Kick-Ass" creator Mark Millar took to the Millarworld Forums to talk about his favorite aspects of the film's design so far -- including The Colonel's dog ("A big dog in a mask.") and a fight between Hit Girl and Mother Russia.

"I am torn between the Hit-Girl and Mother Russia fight and the scene with Hit-Girl fighting the super-villains on the roof of the moving van," Millar said in his forum post. "Both are just mind-blowing. But the Mother Russia fight is going to be one of the most brutal and epic battles in cinema. Think how good Mindy is and then multiply it to 300 pounds of female muscle just pounding her and using every weapon you can imagine in the midst of that big final battle."


"The Avengers" releases on DVD/Blu-ray September 25, and a number of different outlets have started to post some first looks at bonus features on the disc. Empire has a one-minute clip from a 90-minute documentary entitled "Building a Cinematic Universe." This particular clip focuses on Samuel L. Jackson's role as Nick Fury.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has posted an awesome deleted scene detailing the metaphysics of the Bruce Banner/Hulk dichotomy. Regrettably, no embed code exists for the clip, so just head over to Entertainment Weekly and check it out.

Finally, here's a sneak peek at "The Avengers" gag reel.

Releases on DVD/Blu-ray September 25


The official Lionsgate YouTube channel has posted the first 30 second TV spot for "Dredd." Cool stuff.

Opens September 21


Digital Spy caught up with original "Evil Dead" star Bruce Campbell, who spoke a bit about the upcoming remake of the horror classic.

"It's basically five new kids who are going to have a really bad night with a brand new director -- Fede Alvarez, who was handpicked by Sam Raimi. I've seen it already; I think it's definitely fabulous," Campbell told Digital Spy. "We're really excited and really behind it, [but] it's going to take a bit to get the 'Evil Dead' fans behind it. We know we've pissed a lot of them off. We appreciate that and we appreciate their anger and their zeal, but the only thing we want to impress upon them is that we didn't screw it up. This is going to be just as memorable as [the original] 'Evil Dead' without being the same movie."

Opens April 12, 2013


The BBC has released a 20 second trailer for the season premiere of "Doctor Who," "Asylum of the Daleks." Nothing truly earth-shattering is revealed, but it's pretty cool.

Still no official word on the date of the TV season premiere, but rumors persist that it's going to be September 1.

Season premieres September 1?


In the last 24 hours, a lot has happened with the multi-platform adaptation of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower." Deadline has a full account. Warner Bros. passed on the adaptation with a script by Akiva Goldsman that Ron Howard wants to direct. However, late yesterday, the news broke that Media Rights Capital is in "serious talks" to nab "The Dark Tower" rights following Warner Bros. passing.


In more comic book film adaptation news, Rob Liefeld's "Bloodstrike" has been picked up by Adi Shankar's 1984 Private Defense Contractors Shankar, Liefeld and Liefeld's manager Brooklyn Weaver will produce.

"Bloodstrike" is one of Liefeld's Extreme Studios titles that focuses on super-powered assassins brought back to life by Project: Born Again. The series premiered in 1993 and was recently relaunched by Image Comics.

"'Bloodstrike' will be R-rated," Liefeld wrote last night on Twitter. "Adi Shankar the real deal."


New casting news from Winteriscoming.net: Ed Skrein and Jacob Anderson will join the season three cast of "Game of Thrones." Skrein will play Daario Naharis, a roguish and deadly sellsword who encounters Daenerys while Anderson will play Grey Worm, captain of the Unsullied.

Season three premieres March 31, 2013 on HBO

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