The Walking Dead, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel: September 20th Comic Reel


Season three of "The Walking Dead" is about three weeks away and AMC continues to tease what the survivors' lives will be like as they arrive at the prison. TV Line has posted two new photos from season three: one of Chandler Riggs as Carl and another of the survivors running away from a shambling horde of the undead.

Meanwhile, USA Today reports that the webisodes based in the television series' continuity will continue starting October 1. Entitled "Cold Storage," the four five-minute episodes will feature a new group of characters with cast members including "Lost's" Daniel Roebuck and "Dirt's" Josh Stewart.

According to USA Today, "Cold Story" tells "the story of a young man, Chase, trying to reach his sister in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. He finds temporary shelter in a storage facility run by a former employee named B.J.; however, things are not what they appear."

Premieres October 14


A new "Iron Man 3" promotional image is making the rounds online featuring Iron Man in his new suit, flanked by the Iron Patriot.

Opens May 3, 2013


Amy Adams spoke with Tribute.ca about a myriad of topics on the press rounds for "Trouble with the Curve" -- including her role as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel."

"It feels pretty good. Speaking of being intimidated, I was definitely intimidated by taking that on," Adams told Tribute. "Margot Kidder was such a huge influence on me when I was a kid. I thought it was such a great opportunity to go out there and play a modern woman. I've said this before, I really love superhero movies, but I don't see myself as someone -- I'm a little pigeon-toed, so I'm never going to be the girl in latex, looking hot, running pigeon-toed. So, I figured this was my only chance to be in one of these films and set a good role model for girls."

Opens June 14, 2013


The CW has posted a new "Arrow" interview with David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle, bodyguard and chauffer to Oliver Queen.

"He's pretty much a tough guy. A nice looking tough guy," Ramsey said. "John Diggle wasn't in the comic. He is a creation, so we kind of have some license in the relationship between him and Oliver Queen. Yes, you will see them in some combat -- maybe even mortal combat."

Premieres October 10 on the CW


Variety reports "The Rum Diary" actor Enzo Cilenti has joined the cast of "Kick-Ass 2," playing the sidekick to John Leguizamo's character.

Comic Book Movie has posted some particularly spoiler-riffic behind-the-scenes photos, so you can click through at your own risk. In addition to the spoiler-filled photos, the gallery also contains some cool images of Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl on a bike.

Opens June 28, 2013


Comic Book Movie has posted a new international trailer for "Skyfall" featuring a ton of new footage. Check it out below.

Opens November 9


Check out this new clip of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1" featuring the Dark Knight taking down a host of thugs.

Releases on DVD/Blu-ray September 25

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