The Walking Dead: The 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The Comics

The Walking Dead comic book series just shocked the world by killing its main character. Honestly, the TV show tried this already when they made everyone think that Rick Grimes died, but then they saved him and allowed him to live on for a trilogy of upcoming movies. This death did come after Carl Grimes died and many fans started to stop watching the show. Now, fans of the comics feel the pain and Rick's death in the latest issue could send them away from the source material next.

However, Rick Grimes death is still too fresh to take in the severity of. Plus, outside of Michonne and Carl, there is almost no one left from when Rick was the primary protector of the group to mourn for his loss. Things have changed so much that the characters now are all almost completely different than they were in the first 100 issues. Through the past decade, a ton of people died and here are 10 of the most heartbreaking deaths in The Walking Dead comics.

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Amy Death Walking Dead
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Amy Death Walking Dead

The first collection of The Walking Dead comic books showed that anyone could die. Jim, Shane, and Amy all die in the first six issues of the series. Jim's death was sad, and Shane's death deserved -- although in the comics he died long before he did on the TV series.

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However, Amy showed up in issue 3 with her sister Andrea and then died in issue No. 5. Her death destroyed Andrea for a time, as she was the one who was forced to put her sister down after a walker bit her. Her death in the TV show made Andrea suicidal but her death in the comics, as heartbreaking as it was, made Andrea stronger -- a future leader.


Tyreese Death Walking Dead

Tyreese was completely different in the comic books than he was on the television series. Tyreese, on TV, was introduced much later than in the comics and was a pacifist who seemed never to want confrontations if he could help it. In the comics, he was Rick's right-hand man and a powerful and capable fighter.

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It was likely Shane's survival for so long that pushed off the arrival of Tyreese. The big man also suffered significant losses, including the death of his daughter in the prison. While he and Rick did not always get along, they were loyal to each other to the end. The Governor killed Tyreese by decapitating him with Michonne's katana.


Lori and Judith death Walking Dead

The most significant change from the comics to the TV show early on came with Rick Grimes' wife Lori and their new daughter. In the TV show, Lori delivered her baby girl Judith and then died during childbirth. Carl had to put down his mother, and now Judith is alive and well in the television world.

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However, in the comics, Lori survived the childbirth. Then, The Governor attacked the prison. When Lori was running with Judith in her arms, she was gunned down -- as was baby Judith -- by The Governor and died as Rick ran with Carl, begging his son not to look back.


Hershel Death Walking Dead

Hershel Greene was the heart and soul of The Walking Dead on television. While he was a little more crotchety in the comic books at first, he grew to be a great man as well -- one of the best overall human beings in The Walking Dead world.

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Hershel died the same in both the comic book and the TV show. Hershel lost his entire family, save his only remaining child Maggie. Knowing that Maggie was safe and with Glenn, who she loved, Hershel was able to give up on life and he allowed The Governor to shoot him in the head to prove a point to the prisoners. His death led to the eventual fall of The Governor.


Morgan death Walking Dead

Morgan is not only still alive and well in the television show, but he is the main leader on Fear the Walking Dead, moved entirely away from the stories from the comic books. While Morgan infuriated people with his lapses into insanity and then pacifism on TV, he didn't stick around long enough in the comics.

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The first man that Rick Grimes befriended after the zombie outbreak returned and joined back up with the survivors. He started a relationship with Michonne in the comics. Right after they finally connect, a walker bit Morgan. Michonne cut off his arm to try to stop the infection, but it was too late, and Morgan died while having visions of his late son, Duane.


Abraham Death Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV show likes to play with fan's expectations. In the TV show, the nurse Denise was shot in the eye with an arrow by Dwight, and then Abraham died while sitting beside Glenn at the campfire when Negan bashed in his brains with a baseball bat.

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That is not what happened in the comics, as Denise lived longer. In the books. Abraham and Eugene were having problems, and it looked like they were finally settling things. Just when it seemed that Abraham had reached a point of understanding with his friend, it was him that took the arrow to the eye, falling dead in a shocking moment.


Glenn Death Walking Dead

The most heartbreaking death from The Walking Dead comics and TV show was that of Glenn. The former pizza delivery boy turned zombie fighter and scout was the one person in the group that believed there could be a future. Maggie was pregnant with his child, and they were going to start a family as they wanted to rebuild society.

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Then, the fateful day came when Rick Grimes and his friends crossed Negan and pissed off the leader of the Saviors. Since Rick killed Negan's men, Negan had to return the favor. His choice was at random, and he killed Glenn, bashing his head in with Lucille in front of his pregnant wife and friends, and proving that anyone could die.


Rosita Dead Walking Dead

Rosita was a tragic death that was terrible for more than one reason. Unlike the TV show, Rosita chose to be with Eugene, if for no other reason than the fact that she knew he could be a good father for the baby she was carrying. Then, The Whisperers showed up.

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There were a lot of heads on the pikes when The Whisperers attacked at The Fair -- but two of the heads were devastatingly heartbreaking. The first was Rosita because not only did they kill someone that had been with the survivors for a long time but they killed a woman pregnant with a child, meaning they ended another life that they hoped could be part of the future.


Ezekiel Death Walking Dead

Michonne has not had it easy in the comic books. In the TV show, she lost her child, but then she fell in love with Rick Grimes. Yes, she lost him as well, but with Carl and Judith, she at least had a sort of family there to carry on. In the comics, she just kept losing people until she didn't want to be around anyone anymore for a time.

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She lost Morgan almost immediately after she accepted there could be something there. Tyreese died after she believed she could have something with him. Michonne and King Ezekiel also had a relationship. Michonne left because she felt she couldn't lose anyone else. Sadly, she came back just in time to find his head on a pike, someone else she cared about gone forever.


Andrea Death Walking Dead

One of the most despised characters on The Walking Dead TV show was Andrea. Her sister Amy died in the first season, and she became suicidal throughout. She ended up captured by The Governor, and it never seemed she even knew what she wanted. She finally died when she gave herself to a walker, ending her sad life once and for all.

In the comic books, it was Carol who was suicidal and died similarly -- giving herself to a walker. On the flip side, Andrea became the incredible fighter and leader that Carol became on TV. Also, in the comics, it was Andrea that Rick fell in love with and married instead of Michonne. Andrea was the toughest woman in the comics outside of Michonne, and when she died after saving Eugene and taking a bite, it was a truly heartbreaking moment.

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