<i>The Walking Dead</i> Heads To Hershel's Farm In Season 2

As expected, Rick Grimes and the other survivors will come across Hershel's Farm in the upcoming second season of The Walking Dead.

TVLine reports that the AMC adaptation has begun casting the roles of veterinarian Hershel Greene ("a Wilford Brimley type"), daughter Maggie and ranch foreman Otis. There's no mention of Hershel's other children.

Otis was introduced in Issue 9 of the Robert Kirkman-Charlie Adlard comic series when he accidentally shot one of the survivors -- I won't spoil it by saying who -- then took him and the others to the farm for medical care. Hershel offered the group temporary refuge, until it was discovered he harbored a secret.

Of greater significance to Season 2 is the suggestion by executive producer Frank Darabont that The Walking Dead could face budget cuts.

“Creatively I have no complaints thus far,” Darabont said in The Hollywood Reporter's annual drama showrunner Emmy roundtable. “But I believe if they do move ahead with what they’re talking about, it will affect the show creatively ... in a negative way. Which just strikes me as odd. If you have an asset, why would you punish it?”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October.

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