'The Walking Dead' gets 'blood-drenched' pop-up book

Pop-up books aren't just for kids anymore -- and if that wasn't apparent already, a new pop-up book based on "The Walking Dead" looks to make that abundantly clear. "The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book," based on the massively popular AMC TV series based on the Image Comics series created by Robert Kirkman, is set to feature five two-page spreads, described as "uniquely terrifying" and depicting "blood-drenched action," words never thought to describe the likes of "Richard Scarry's Biggest Pop-Up Book Ever."

By Becca Zerkin & David Hawcock (paper engineers), Sally Elizabeth Jackson (illustrator) and Stephani Danelle Perry (words), "The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Books" will focus on the show's fearsome walkers -- lots of pop-up gore potential there -- and depict locations like Hershel's farm and Terminus.

Published by Insight Editions -- the same folks behind last year's "Game of Thrones: A Pop-up Guide to Westeros" -- "The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book" is scheduled for release on Nov. 10.

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