The Walking Dead Delivers Brutal Answer to Negan Cliffhanger

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for tonight's Season Seven premiere of AMC's “The Walking Dead.” Proceed at your own risk.

Fans have been waiting on pins and needles since April to find out who Negan killed shortly after his intense introduction on "The Walking Dead." Now, we have our answer -- and none of our theories was right. That's because Negan doesn't kill one character, but two.

In the Season Seven premiere, he first bashes in the brains of Abraham with his barbed wire wrapped bat Lucille; it's Abraham who the point-of-view shot belongs to in in the Season Six finale, "Last Day On Earth."

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Soon after, Daryl strikes Negan, prompting him to double down and claim a second victim: Glenn. His death is a good deal more grisly than Abraham's, closely following how it was depicted in the comic book. The bat comes down, blood flows, an eye bulges out. Then Glenn -- most likely brain-damaged -- sputters and pleads before Negan strikes again. And again. And again.

So yeah, that's that. For all of our issues with the Season Six cliffhanger, that's one hell of a surprise, and one hell of a payoff. Stay tuned for our further thoughts later tonight in our full recap.

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