The Walking Dead, Fantastic Four, Arrow: September 28th Comic Reel


"The Walking Dead" season three hits in two weeks and as the premiere gets closer, more tidbits are making it out online. Entertainment Weekly spoke with The Governor himself, David Morrissey, about the idyllic but dangerous and deadly community of Woodbury.

"It's an oasis in this madness," Morrissey told EW. "[The Governor's] worked very hard to create a society and a town which has security, which has a sense of normalicy. ... He's really working hard to protect people, protect his people. Although it looks like a fortress, there's aspects of it that look very idyllic, which are idyllic in this world. That comes at a cost. I think for the viewer and the people who arrive in Woodbury, it's a wonderful oasis. It's secure and it works."

SpoilerTV has posted a new promo for the upcoming season with some sweet new footage.

Finally, Comic Book Movie has posted a round-up of deleted scene clips from season two. There are quite a few of them, so I won't post every single one here, but here's a little teaser for the curious.

Premieres October 14 on AMC


Well, it's also a bit of news for "X-Men" as well. It was announced yesterday that Mark Millar has signed with 20th Century Fox as a consultant for the "X-Men" and "Fantastic Four" movie franchises. Millar took to the Millarworld Forums to comment on his new post.

"It's way too early to talk about plans just yet, but as you can imagine the idea here is to make exactly the kind of superhero movies you and I want to see most," Millar said in his post. "There literally isn't a more talented bunch of film-makers to be working with and the team at Fox are incredibly excited about this bold new direction too. I also want to post this here to say thanks for the hundreds of emails I woke up to this morning and the thousand-plus tweets I got overnight from well-wishers. I wish I had time to reply to them all today -- I usually reply to most of my tweets @mrmarkmillar -- but this morning was an AVALANCHE and so I just wanted to so a big thanks, that I've read every one and that they're hugely appreciated. A highlight, I think, was well-wishes from Stan The Man himself. That's like the Pope sending a message. Couldn't have been more exciting."


While the test footage of "Ant-Man" shown at Comic-Con International 2012 has yet to be officially revealed by Marvel, an artist has compiled a series of images from memory in a YouTube clip that gives a general idea of the screened footage.


Zap2It has posted a first look at Kelly Chu as China White, a villain featured in "Green Arrow: Year One," in the CW's upcoming "Arrow." The photos feature a full shot of Hu as China White and another of the mercenary facing off against Oliver Queen.


According to The Greater Cleveland Film Commission, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" will be filming in northeastern Ohio beginning in 2013. Marvel Studios also used Ohio to film scenes in "The Avengers."

Opens April 4, 2014


Peter Jackson revealed a new poster on Facebook for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" that shows all the dwarves. All the dwarves!

Opens December 14


Bond's coming back to theaters in November and here's a new TV spot -- it's all action with very little about the plot, but in 20 seconds, it packs quite a bit in.

Opens November 9

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