"The Walking Dead" Delivers Chilling Moment From the Comics on Midseason Premiere

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from "No Way Out," tonight's midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead," follow. At publication, the episode has yet to air on the west coast.

When we last saw Rick Grimes and his dwindling group of survivors on AMC's "The Walking Dead," they were in quite a pickle, doused head to toe in zombie guts so they could make their way through the walker horde that had invaded Alexandria. Making matters worse, Jessie Anderson's troubled son, Sam, was beginning to crack at the horror around him, threatening to ruin the plan by vocally freaking out.

Well, he did that very thing on tonight's midseason premiere of the show's sixth season, and caused a lot of violent events to follow. To recap:

  • A group of walkers descended upon Sam, biting him multiple times right in the noggin before consuming him.
  • Jessie, who tried to help her son, was also eaten, right in front of Rick, who had to hack off the arm of his lover since she was holding onto Carl when she died.
  • Jessie's other (also troubled) son, Ron, took aim at Carl in the midst of the chaos. Ron's been gunning for Carl for quite some time now, and seeing his mom and brother eaten alive was more than enough to awaken those vengeful, moody-teen feelings once again. Lucky for Carl (and not so lucky for Ron), Michonne snuck up behind Ron and ran her katana straight through his chest.
  • While Michonne's attack likely kept Ron from firing off a more fatal shot, a bullet still managed to pass through Carl's eye and out the back of the skull. Fans of the comic books have been waiting for this for a while, and the image of him standing there, hurt and confused with a gaping hole in his face, was just as chilling as it was in the infamous panel from the comics by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. Fortunately, Rick and Michonne were able to get him to Denise at the infirmary. It looks like he'll live, albeit with one less eyeball.
  • As for Denise, she managed to escape the clutches of her Wolf captor by appealing to his humanity -- he ended up sacrificing himself to the walkers so she could escape.

That's already a fairly high body count for a half-season that's sure to be filled with lots of death. Remember, this is the year we meet Negan...

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