The Walking Dead: 5 Deaths That Were the Same As The Comics (And 5 That Weren't)

TWD: 5 Deaths That Were the Same as the Comics (5 That Weren't)

The Walking Dead as a TV show has taken some iconic storylines from the comic books and morphed them into something similar, yet different for the small screen. There were moments that happened in the comics that happened a little different in the TV show or even things that happened in the books that were changed to a different character. This includes huge death scenes.

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In order to keep fans of the comic books surprised at what happens on The Walking Dead TV show, sometimes death to a major character happened to another character. In other cases, it was the exact same as it happened in the comics but with a different setup. In other cases, there have been deaths on the TV show that never happened in the comics. Here is a look at five Walking Dead deaths that were the same as the comics and five that were different.

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10 Glenn (The Same)

Glenn's death on The Walking Dead TV show played out almost the exact same way that it did in the comic books. There was only one major difference. When the death of Glenn came in the seventh season premiere, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be," he wasn't the only one who died.

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The difference is that Negan killed Abraham first and made it look like Glenn would survive and things would change. However, just when viewers thought the fan favorite would survive, Negan took Lucille and bashed in Glenn's head too. The show even delivered the eye popping out of his head moment from the comics as well.

9 Andrea (Different)

The worst thing that The Walking Dead TV show did to any character from the comic books was what they did to Andrea. In the comic books, Andrea was tough as nails. She was someone who stood by the side of Rick Grimes and lived for a very long time, outliving the events involving The Governor, Negan and The Whisperers, before she finally died in battle.

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However, on the TV show, that role went to Carol and Andrea became the Carol from the comics. She was a character in the TV show that wanted to die from the time she lost her sister in season 1 and then drifted to the Governor before she finally met her end to a Walker alone.

8 The Governor (The Same)

The Governor died the same in both the comic books and The Walking Dead TV show, although it was slightly framed a little differently. In the comic books, The Governor did some horrible things to Michonne, even worse than what we saw on the TV show. As a result, Michonne chopped him to pieces -- but he lived anyway.

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This led to him leading his men to the prison for the all-out attack that fans saw in the TV show. In "Too Far Gone," Lilly shoots a fallen Governor in the forehead and kills him after his men lose the battle. In the comics, Lilly shoots him in the back of the head and pushes him into the Walkers.

7 Carl (Different)

This is where things were completely different and went off the rails. In The Walking Dead comic books, not only is Carl still alive and a major part of the series, but he is also rumored to be the man who will become the leader that his father served as, which is also different because Rick is also gone from the show while still leading the way in the comics.

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However, on the TV show, Carl was bitten by a Walker when he was trying to save Siddiq and ended up putting a bullet in his own head in order to ensure that he did not return as a Walker. On the show, his storylines from the comics have been passed on to Henry and Judith, who died in the comics as a baby.

6 Jessie (The Same)

The story of Jessie and her family was about the exact same in the comics and the TV show and they all died. On both the TV show and the comics, Rick developed a crush on Jessie, the mom, and killed her husband to stop him from abusing her anymore.

Despite that, when he tried to eventually save her and her two kids, they cost Carl his eye. The reason for her death started when Sam freaks out in the middle of walkers and Rick has to cut her arm off to save Carl, with both mother and son eaten by the walkers. In the comics, her son also panicked and died which caused Jessie to scream and die in the walker hoard as well.

5 Abraham (Different)

Abraham had an interesting change in his fate from comic books to the television screen. His death in the comics was actually given to someone else and he lived on to become a red herring later in the television series. In The Walking Dead comics, Abraham was shot in the eye with an arrow by Dwight.

However, in The Walking Dead TV show, Dwight kills Denise at this moment instead. This allowed Abraham to live on, and then the TV show used him to fake out the comic book fans. At the moment that everyone knew that Glenn was going to die, it was Abraham that took Negan's bat to the skull instead, although Glenn did die quickly after that.

4 Jim (The Same)

The first death in both The Walking Dead TV show and comic books that proved that anyone could die came when Jim died. In The Walking Dead comic books, the survivors were at their camp and no one had fallen, but on an attack of their camp, Jim is bitten at the same attack that killed Amy. As a result, he stays behind as the group leaves, hoping he would reunite with his family after reanimating following death.

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In the television show, Jim is also one of the first to fall. He is bitten when walkers attack the camp and he comes to help fight off the zombies. In the exact moment that happened in the comic books, he is left at a tree to reanimate after he dies.

3 Lori (Different)

There is no possible way that Lori would die on The Walking Dead television show the same way she did in the comic books. In the comics, Lori delivered her baby girl while at the prison. Then, during The Governor's attack on the prison, he had his men open fire and in a horrific moment, they gunned down Lori, while she was running with her baby, killing them both.

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On the television show, it was tragic but not horrific like it was in the comic books. On the TV show, Lori had complications in her pregnancy. She delivered the baby Judith and then she realized she was dying due to blood loss. It was her own son Carl who shot his own mother to ensure she would not return as a walker, but Judith lived.

2 Gregory (The Same)

Gregory was a slimeball in both The Walking Dead television show and in the comic books. He was the leader of The Hilltop, lived in the biggest house in the community and was a gutless politician that did nothing to defend his people against threats from the Saviors. Then, when the chips were down, he sold out his own people to Negan.

In both versions, even Negan was disgusted by Gregory. The only difference is that, when Maggie took over The Hilltop, she had Gregory executed by hanging. In the TV show, Gregory lasted a little longer but was still hung by Maggie after making an attempt on her life.

1 Shane (Different)

There were a couple of major differences between the first two seasons of The Walking Dead on television. The first was an introduction of a character that never existed in the comic books in Daryl Dixon -- someone who is now the longest-lasting character on the entire show. The second was letting Shane live much longer than he did in the comics.

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In both versions, Shane fell in love with Lori when he thought that Rick was dead. As a matter of fact, Judith might be his daughter and not Rick's. In the comics, Shane tried to kill Rick but Carl shot him to save his dad. On The Walking Dead TV show, Rick and Shane went out together and Rick stabbed Shane, killing his friend.

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