'The Walking Dead' cast reimagined in cartoon style

With comics, live-action television, prose, video and board games, and collectibles already covered, it's only a matter of time before Robert Kirkman & Co. complete their conquest of popular culture with a Walking Dead animated series. Not Saturday-morning cartoons mind you -- hey, that era came to an end in October -- but possibly a late-night show; Adult Swim maybe.

Whatever the case, there's a pretty good chance it's coming, and artist Edward Pun may have a pretty vision of what it would like. He's drawn terrific animated-style versions of the central cast of the hit AMC drama, capturing the actors' likenesses without losing his own artistic flair.

His wide-eyed yet confident Beth is particularly good. Poor, poor Beth ... See a few more of Pun's illustrations below, and the rest on his blog.

[gallery link="file" ids="205295,205296,205297"]

(via GeekTyrant)

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