"The Walking Dead" Alum Laurie Holden Reveals the Show's Original Plans for Andrea

Years ago, Andrea met her end in "The Walking Dead" Season 3, but -- according to Laurie Holden -- that wasn't always the plan for the character.

"I had an eight-year deal; I was supposed to be there until the end," she revealed at Walker Stalker Con. "I was supposed to end up with Rick. I was supposed to save Woodbury on a horse, and I was buying a house in Atlanta. I got the call at 10 o'clock the night before, while I was shooting, from the showrunner who is no longer a part of 'The Walking Dead' [Frank Darabont], saying that they couldn't write the episode and that he was killing my character. So we all got the script everybody on the set was sobbing. I felt like I got shot. None of it was supposed to happen the way it did."

"I think 'The Walking Dead' is in a really good place now with Scott Gimple," she added. "It wasn't the ship that it is now. I'm very grateful how it was written that I went out with grace and with a stellar cast. It wasn't the way that I wanted, but I loved the way I went out."

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC for its seventh season this October.

(via FanFest)

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