Is Alpha REALLY The Walking Dead's Greatest Villain?

In the books, when Rick and Carl tried to bring her daughter, Lydia (to be played by Cassady McClincy), back to Alexandria with them, it was revealed that Alpha let the males in her camp rape the teen. In fact, unlike Negan, she endorsed rape as a way to make females stronger and more empowered in a dog-eat-dog world. Yeah, that's pretty messed up, and it's something she remained unapologetic about.

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Hopefully the show doesn't take it this far but, if so, then Alpha will easily stand out as the most vile and reprehensible character in its history. And make no mistake, her way of living claimed a lot of lives as well. Her doctrines led to the Whisperers putting the heads of Rosita and Ezekiel on spikes to mark their borders. With Eugene possibly in their grips, these three could be fated for the same grisly death on TV.

Alpha's second-in-command, Beta, even ushered a herd of walkers -- the show's term for the undead -- that the leader kept corralled onto Alexandria, marching them down into the Whisperer War, which would claim Father Gabriel, too. The point is, even if she doesn't shoot or cut someone's throat herself, her philosophies have truly made her people akin to the zombies that infest the series, indirectly leading to tons of blood being spilled.

Comparing her and Negan is tough, as it's two peas in a pod, but if the show allows him to escape Alexandria and stare her down, it'll be like looking in the mirror. But as messed up as Negan is, he had some minor stability surrounding him, albeit via intimidating means.

With Alpha, we just couldn't figure out her lust for blood in the books, which led to Negan killing her to redeem himself to Rick. With that in mind, once the show starts developing her more, believe it or not, she'll outclass Negan and have you squirming when you weigh both on the sin scale.

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Being a master of disguise and the way she showed contempt for her daughter after she cried about being sexually assaulted says it all. Alpha promotes a lifestyle even Negan thinks is awful, and that alone should answer Morgan's qualms, reminding us the devil you know is indeed better than the zombie-skin-wearing one you're about to.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The second half of Season 9 will commence on Feb. 10.

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